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Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets

Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets Review

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Sound absorption materials like blankets are able to reduce the reflection of sound waves to hold the sound better in the room.

Sound absorbing blankets are used to enhance sound by reducing the amount of echo and reverberation, which you are likely to hear in a room with uncovered bare walls.

In our Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets review, you’ll learn why they are a good, cheap alternative to the more expensive acoustic foam when it comes to maintaining the acoustics of a particular room.

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Blankets

For achieving higher quality sound, you must have sound blankets with ample sound absorption fillers and outer fabrics that have withstood industry standard sound testing and have proven to do well.

Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets have risen in popularity to meet the needs of soundproofing of recording studios, vocal booths, businesses, and homeowners.

Producers Choice Acoustic Blanket ReviewThese sound absorbing blankets have evolved from being regular moving blankets to meet the demanding requirements of sound recording, with constant improvements being made over the years to meet the needs of music producers, professionals, and consumers alike.

The inside filler, blanket design, and outer fabric have been upgraded, with the current range of Producer’s Choice blankets now able to absorb 80% of the sound with an NRC rating of 0.8. This is quite impressive and appears to exceed the products of most competitors when it comes to quality, value for money, and sound absorption ability.

Benefits of Acoustic Blankets

Acoustic blankets such as the Producer’s Choice are upgrades over regular moving blankets and are designed less for protection and moving while focusing on noise blocks and accentuated sounds.

  • l Serves the purpose of soundproofing well to reduce echo, reverberation, and external noise.
  • l Improves room sound quality by absorbing sounds you don’t want and keeping sounds you desire.
  • l Easy to handle and can be used in almost any room.

Design of Sound Blankets

While the acoustic blankets are somewhat similar to moving blankets, they have significant design, stuffing, material and stitching differences, which makes them a better bet than any other moving blanket.

The Producer’s Choice sound blankets have a thin outer fabric layer than the moving blankets to let sound get absorbed into the design interiors. The vertical parallel stitching of two inches enables the blanket to contract and expand far more than the lock stitch of regular moving blankets. The blankets also have thicker foam that can accommodate sound better.

The sound blankets are usually all black or black and white at a regular size of 72 x 80 inches. The large size is 80 x 96 inches for larger professional rooms. The acoustic sound blankets offer coverage for windows, full walls, part walls, floor to ceiling walls, and an entire room without losing on its product value in terms of sound absorption.

Should You Buy Them?

The Producer’s Choice range of sound blankets remains popular with professionals and producers that require proper soundproofing and acoustic treatments for vocal booths and for recording studios. They can be just as useful for homeowners, so long as you don’t mind the somewhat industrial design.

These sound absorption blankets are available for exterior and interior surfaces. Unlike moving blankets that reflect sound, the Producer’s Choice blankets absorb sound beautifully to deliver high-quality sound required in professional music production. Keep in mind that the high-quality acoustic blankets from Producer’s Choice don’t come as cheap as mover’s blankets, but they are well worth the price when it comes to higher sound quality and value for your money.

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