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About Us

Welcome to SoundproofingTips.com! If you are searching for ways to make your home quieter, or just sound better, you are in the right place.

The desire to reduce noise in the home and office is common, but how to achieve it is often misunderstood. We break down specific soundproofing objectives in simple terms and in a DIY manner.


Tom Davidson – Tom is an engineer with over 15 years of experience in mechanical design, an avid golfer, outdoorsman, and father. As a homeowner, he enjoys tackling home improvement projects of all types.


We cover all kinds of topics in these main categories:

Soundproofing Guides – In-depth guides on the biggest topics in soundproofing. From improving the sound in rooms to treating doors and windows, we explore it all in ways that everyday people can utilize to improve the sound in their own homes and offices.

Soundproofing Materials – There are dozens of types of materials used in soundproofing and acoustics. Some are good, many are not, and we aren’t afraid to get to the bottom line on each material. If it’s good, we’ll tell you and how to use it.

Automotive – Cars and trucks have frequent noise issues. Road noise not only makes long trips harder but also diminishes the enjoyment of expensive car audio equipment. There are also a host of other engine and mechanical noise issues to tame.

Acoustic Guides – Whether you are a home movie buff, podcaster, or dabble in home recording, acoustics plays an important part in the experience. These guides explore how to acoustically treat your spaces and get better performance.

Quiet Living – This category covers everything that makes noise in the home. From kitchen appliances to garage doors, fans, and vacuums. We dissect how to make things run quieter, as well as review the best and most quiet products available.

Editorial & Review Policies

Our primary goal is to provide in-depth, thoughtful information that provides useful solutions to problems, and accurate answers to questions.

We research each topic carefully and aim to provide the highest quality resource. Our writers have the freedom to arrive at their own conclusions based on their own research and collected data.

The products we recommend are carefully and independently chosen without outside influence. Reviews are based on our internal research of product specs, customer review data, comparisons of competing products, and seasoned with personal experience.

SoundproofingTips.com is reader supported by earning from display ads, as well as earning commissions when readers click our product links and make qualifying purchases, at no additional expense to the reader. See our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.