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Best Blackout Curtains for Home Theaters

The 5 Best Blackout Curtains for Home Theaters

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When designing your home theater, the curtains are an important aspect to consider. Whether you want to recreate the authentic movie theater experience, or simply get the best performance from your new TV display, blackout curtains will play an important role in your home theater.

The best blackout curtains for home theaters can improve the experience in many ways, namely by reducing the light filtering in on your TV. But they also play a role in improving the acoustics by reducing outside noise and echo. There are many styles to choose from and the rest of this article will guide you through the best styles to get the best from your new entertainment space.

Benefits of Blackout Curtains for Home Theaters

By adding some new room darkening window treatments, your home theater will benefit in several ways.

  • Darken the Room – Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits associated with blackout curtains is their ability to block light out of a room. In many cases, they can stop 85-98% of light from entering a room, which helps showcase your TV and reduces glare during the day.
  • Improve Acoustics – Home theater acoustic curtains can keep up to 40% of outside noise from entering the room, as well as reduce echo and reverberation. This is perfect if you are trying to enjoy a movie while the rest of your family is right outside, or if you have some hardwood floors that tend to bounce your movie soundtrack all over the room.
  • Some Energy Efficiency – Blackout curtains with thermal insulation can also increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs by as much as 25%. They keep the heat in during the cold winter months and block out some of the sun’s heat during the sweltering summer months.
  • Ambiance! – Finally, selecting stylish blackout curtains helps to create a theater-like ambiance that your family and friends will enjoy. Isn’t that why you have a home theater in the first place?

Choosing the Best Blackout Curtains for Home Theaters

When you are looking for blackout curtains, there are certain things to consider including:

  • Dimensions – The best blackout curtains cover all the windows, overlapping the sides, and barely grazing the floor. This ensures the fabric can do its job and block the most amount of light from entering the room.
  • Fabric Weight & Thickness – Thicker, heavier fabric tends to block light better and has the superior acoustic performance.
  • Materials – Most blackout curtains are made from Polyester or Polyester blend. It is a high-quality material that is widely available, so it’s very affordable. There are other materials like velvet, but the prices will put you off.
  • Insulation – Some blackout curtains have insulation layers sewn into the layers of the curtain panels. This extra fabric can help block out the intense summer heat and hold in that precious winter warmth.
  • Colors & Textures – The curtains we are about to recommend come in a variety of colors, so you do not necessarily have to go with black. Darker colors are best for blocking light, but you can pick a color that goes best with your design scheme without worrying that light will filter through. If your goal is to create a real theater like experience, velvet curtains are your best bet, but you can also choose from cotton and polyester.
  • Mounting Style – There are two main mounting styles – Grommets and Rod Pockets. Curtains with metal grommets simply slide over the curtain rod. Rod pockets have holes for the curtain rod to slip through. It’s a matter of taste which style you choose, but rod pockets are quieter.
  • Price – The price of blackout curtains is primarily determined by the material they are made of and their size. However, extra features, such as flame retardant or UV resistant material can add to the cost. Prices range from as low as $25 a panel to well into the hundreds.

Now, let’s look at some of the best blackout curtains we can recommend for your home theater.

5 Best Blackout Curtains for Your Theater Room

1. Nicetown Pitch Black Curtains

Nicetown Pitch Black Curtains
  • Over 30,000 positive reviews
  • 20+ colors to choose from
  • Thick triple weaved polyester fabric
  • 85%+ light reduction (darker colors)

With well over 30,000 reviews, the Nicetown Blackout Curtains are an extremely popular option on Amazon. There are multiple widths and lengths and over 20 colors, so you can tailor the curtains exactly for your home theater.

The Nicetown drapes are made from premium 100% Polyester fabric, utilizing a triple weave construction that is both thick and heavy while maintaining a soft plush feel. The Nicetown curtains are a breeze to install with the grommet tops.

These curtains are advertised to reduce 85% or more of incoming light, with the darker colors performing best. The Black or Navy colors will block the most light to help you enjoy the deep blacks on your LED TV.

2. Deconovo Foil Print Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Foil Print Blackout Curtains
  • Subtle foil prints help class up any theater room.
  • 2 widths in 7 different lengths
  • 15+ color choices
  • Thick and soft polyester fabric

Nearly all blackout curtains come in simple solid colors, which can be kind of boring to be honest. If you want to add some style to your movie room, try the Deconovo Foil Print curtains. These curtains feature a fashionable wavy lined foil print that adds a little elegance to the room.

The Deconovo drapes are 100% polyester, super soft, and do a great job of darkening rooms, especially the Black, Dark Grey, and Navy options. The curtains are fitted with 8 metal grommets that look great on any type of curtain rod. The curtains are washable and wrinkle free for years of use in your home.

3. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtains

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtains
  • Simple, elegant polyester curtain panels that darken rooms and reduce noise.
  • Several patterns in addition to classic solids
  • Grommet Top or Rod Pocket mounting options

These AmazonBasics are anything but basic. The polyester fabric is tri-woven and no liner, making them soft, silky, and elegant for your home movie room.

While the curtains have fewer sizes than others, they do come in the most popular sizes. The solid colors and pattern choices are modern, classy, and beautiful.

A few other nice features are the ability to choose from a Grommet or Rod Pocket style. There are also 2 ties included to pull back the curtains when not watching your favorite movies.

4. Deconovo Insulated Room Darkening Curtains

Deconovo Insulated Room Darkening Curtains
  • Triple Weave Blackout polyester blend fabric
  • 25 colors in 8 sizes
  • Grommet top mounting

The Deconovo Insulated Curtains are great for both darkening rooms and providing a little bit of thermal insulation. If your theater room has sun facing windows you will appreciate the sun blocking attributes when watching movies in the summertime.

The fabric is triple woven with polyester and a special layer that helps in blocking out the light. Go for the black, Brown, or Chocolate for the best light reduction. Did we mention you can also throw these in the washing machine? Very convenient.

5. Best Home Fashion Premium Blackout Curtain

Best Home Fashion Premium Blackout Curtain
  • Triple Weave polyester fabric
  • Blocks light, UV, and insulates from heat and cold
  • Curtains feature both Back Tab and Rod Pocket styles

Made from polyester, these blackout curtains are constructed using an innovative triple weave that has been shown to block out 99.9% of light in independent laboratory tests, as well as insulate against cold and heat and reduce exterior noise.

Available in 9 color options, each panel measures 100” in width. There are 6 length options ranging from 63” to 120”. Each panel includes 16 antique bronze grommets, which ensures they hang beautifully. They also have no special care instructions.

Reviewers agree that they are worth every penny with comments including “high quality, drape nicely, and have a beautiful, elegant look, but best of all, they should really help keep the light out.” They, too, are a great option for black curtains.

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