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Silent Keyboards for Gaming and Office

Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming, Typing, and Office

Keyboards in the workplace can be extremely loud. Although, some people may welcome the symphony that sounds like teamwork, others may get annoyed at the utter clacking and find it very distracting.

Loud keyboards are not only found at the office, but they can also be extremely disruptive at other places, such as in your home, cafes, or the library.

The best quiet keyboards can put you back in the good graces of your co-workers, roommates, and friends. Quiet keyboards are available in both wired or wireless models. You can also purchase ones that come complete with a mouse.

My Real Life Keyboard Nightmare

I had been living in the dorms at my university for more than three months. One of my roommates stayed up gaming at all hours of the night. He had a keyboard that was so loud it felt like someone was tap dancing on my eardrums.

Of course, he didn’t hear it because he wore noise-cancelling headphones to isolate the game’s sound. He doesn’t realize how annoying his keyboard is and how often it keeps me up at night. Instead of throwing the keyboard out of the third-story window, I decided to be a bit more subtle. I printed out a few products for quieter keyboards and left them on the table. When he came back from class one evening, I started a conversation about how some keyboards can be loud. He replied, “I know. Mine is so loud. That’s why I got the headphones.”

I asked him to try picking out one of the quiet keyboards that I’d printed out earlier because “I don’t have headphones.” A few days later, I noticed that he was on his game system and it wasn’t loud at all. I was finally able to sleep through the night!

Top Quiet Keyboards Compared

1. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MXMechanical (Cherry MX Red)Gaming
2. Logitech Orion Spectrum G810 Romer-G MechanicalGaming
3. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2Tactile & Silent/Linear Gaming
4. SteelSeries Apex M750 RGBMechanical (QX2 Linear)Gaming
5. CORSAIR K68Mechanical (Cherry MX Red)Gaming
6. Logitech K800Office
7. HP Wireless Elite v2Membrane (Low Profile)Office
8. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000Office
9. Logitech K750 Wireless SolarOffice
10. Logitech K780Office

Silent Keyboard Features

Wired or Wireless – Wired keyboards come with a cord that you connect to a desktop or notebook. Wireless ones have an adapter that will give you the ability to move around the room.

Mouse Combos – There are a few quiet keyboards that are available with a mouse. They are wireless and battery operated. No need to setup the mouse separately, the keyboard and mouse combos operate together once they are connected to the computer.

Slim vs Full Size – Slim keyboards is a smaller board with the numbers above the QWERTY keys. The full-size keyboard has a numeric keypad on the side making it slightly longer than the slim design.

Advanced Keys for Gaming – Used to customize your gaming experience with shortcut keys.

Top Quiet Keyboard Choices

Here are a handful of the top quiet keyboards to look at for fostering a better work space at home or the office. Some of the best quiet keyboards are actually geared towards PC gamers, but that doesn’t mean that wouldn’t be great for a work computer.

Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth Keyboard

The Razor Black Widow Ultimate is specifically designed for hardcore gaming users. Its award winning Mechanical Switches allows you to perform faster with greater accuracy. The responsiveness and precision from the switches lets you double-tap without hesitation. The keys are made with a protective cap that prevents dust and dirt from disrupting the system. It has an incorporated backlight with Razor Green lighting effects for a dynamic appearance. For an easier gaming experience, the keys are durable, fully programmable, and can last for over 80 million keystrokes. It has a USB pass-through that is included along with a port for a headphone and a microphone.

Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With its advanced customization, this keyboard is the perfect gaming accessory. It has a multicolored backlight that is completely customizable, so you can create a variety of complex color combinations. This keyboard has the ability to be 30% quieter than its rival mechanical counterparts do. It maintains precision and is still fast with an effective anti-ghosting technology during gameplay. Included is an ergonomic wrist rest that is detachable for comfort. For convenience and uninterrupted play, a USB pass-through port was designed to keep cables and wires from interfering with your game.

HP Elite Wireless Keyboard v2

The HP Elite is a wireless keyboard with an ultra-thin designed, so it sits flat on a desk or table. The keys are built flat and created to keep debris from entering the inside of your keyboard. It is fast and responsive, which allows you to type quickly whether you are playing a game, working at home, or in an office. Because it is wireless, the USB adapter can be plugged into many desktops or notebook computers. Included are height adjustment tabs for angular support with two positions. There are four hotkeys that can be customized to suite your needs. You can move the keyboard up to 30 feet away from the computer and the battery indicator lights up when you need to change the batteries.

E-More Super Silence K3

The E-More Super Silence K3 is a wireless keyboard that is compact and ultra-thin. By using the included adapter, it can be connected to almost any computer that has Windows capability as long as it is XP, 7.8, or above. Its versatile design is perfect for gaming, working, or just surfacing the net. With its wireless connection, the keyboard can be moved at least 90 feet for ease of comfort and use. The keys were created to keep dust and particles from getting near the internal parts of the keyboard. It was made out of a long lasting ABS material that allows the board to last longer than most.

Jelly Comb MK09

The Jelly Comb MK09 is a super quiet keyboard and mouse combo that is customizable for media controls and Windows applications. It has plug and play capability and comes with a USB receiver that is for the mouse and keyboard. Adjustable height tabs allow you to set the keyboard at an angle for comfort and convenience. As long as the computer has at least Windows XP or Windows 7.8, the Jelly Comb MK09 can be used. This gives you the ability to take it with you wherever you need a keyboard. This keyboard is ideal for anyone who needs a quiet keyboard for work, school, or for gameplay.

Scrocker G9300 Quiet Click Keyboard

The Scrocker G9300 is a keyboard and mouse combo for extreme gamers. It has quiet micro-switches that keep sound to a minimum by more than 95% over other keyboard and mouse combos. It is equipped with 2.4GHz photoelectric signals that transmit data within 15 meters. You can easily sit back away from the large screen TV and enjoy playing with friends. Because it is quiet, you can use it throughout the night. The included Nano USB adapter has plug and play capabilities. The keys’ surface is extra smooth to create an excellent base for the area of your fingertips. The mouse is small enough for a pocket, so you can take it from home to work with ease.

E-More Ultra-Thin Quiet Keyboard

The E-More keyboard is ultra-thin with a width of approximately 1.3 centimeters. It can be used for the office, home, school, or gaming. The keyboard was made of ABS material, which extends the life of the keys. They are meant to last for over 10 million keystrokes.

The keys are low capped in order to make the board quieter during playing or writing. Because it is compatible with Windows, you can use it at work or home. It is equipped with a USB data cable that stretches 1.3 meters. An anti-dust cover is also provided to prevent debris from altering the consistency of the keystrokes.

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