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Bedphones vs SleepPhones: The Top Sleep Headphones Face Off

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to the noisy dog down the street or a snoring partner? If so, then you might want to check out these two new products. Both of these sleep headphones work well to block outside noise from disturbing your sleep.

Today we are going to compare Bedphones vs SleepPhones and take a deeper look at both brands of sleep headphones to find out which one might be the better of the two for your needs, so let’s get started!

Bedphones On-ear Sleep Headphones

Pros: Bedphones are lightweight and super thin set of headphones that is perfect for sleeping. They are less than 1/4” thick making them easy to wear.

Covered in light and soft foam, these headphones are designed to be worn on the ear keeping them from falling off during the middle of the night.

One of the best things about Bedphones is that you can use them all day long. Unlike some sleeping headphones that are just for sleeping, Bedphones is great for travel and can even be worn while playing sports. A long cord length of 52 inches gives you plenty of room for movement and adjustment.

Cons: If you are a side sleeper these headphones can tend to rub up against your ear causing minor discomfort. Many people who have used this product before that are side sleepers have noticed this situation. With the earpiece pressing against your head, this can also affect the quality of sound that is coming out the headphone that is being sleep on.

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AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic Sleep Headphones

Pros: SleepPhones is a different type of headphone that is built inside of a headband. This headband is comfortable to wear and helps you fall asleep fast by blocking out any outside noise. Made from machine washable materials, you can easily clean the headband when it gets dirty.

The flat headphone speakers make sleeping on your side a breeze and you won’t wake up in pain. The headband will fit most hat sizes and is stretchable. A four foot cable allows for easy adjustment. A full one year warranty comes with the purchase of these sleep headphones.

Cons: Unlike some sleep headphones that can be used during the day SleepPhones is only designed to be worn at night. There is no in-line microphone or variable volume control so sound adjustments have to be made with the device that the headphones are attached to. This was a turn off for some users who like to control the volume to lower levels. They are not adjustable to all head sizes as well.

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Which Sleep Headphones is Right for You?

When comparing Bedphones vs SleepPhones, we found them to be very similar products in the way they function, yet their construction and execution are where the main difference lies. We feel each has its place, and it’s up to you to think about which is best for you.

 Best for Sleep Only  – If you are purchasing headphones specifically for using while sleeping then the SleepPhones headphones is the best product for you. While you won’t be able to wear these headphones during the day they are perfect for sleeping. Even if you are a side sleeper like many people are these headphones will always be comfortable to wear. Price wise, the SleepPhones are much cheaper than some of the other sleep headphones that are on the market. With value and comfort you can’t go wrong with these amazing headphones. >> SleepPhones on Amazon <<

 Most Comfortable and Versatile  – Bedphones are the more versatile of the two, as you could easily use them in the car, at the computer, or on your tablet. If you think a fleece head band would be uncomfortable while sleeping, the Bedphones are more minimal, with just earpieces made from super soft foam. >> Bedphones on Amazon <<

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